The Clockwork Moth are, amongst other things, Charlie and Victoria Narewski Scullion. Though we may sound like a company, really we are a couple of artists who are married and therefore often create together. We collaborate with lots of other people too; The Clockwork Moth is, to a great extent, a fluid collective of artists.  Charlie and Vicky live on Dartmoor with 3-year-old Tolly, baby Gretel and a friendly dog called Pan.  They enjoy a creative world where art and life dream together. 


"We are known best for our shadow-puppetry, but we are involved variously in many different artforms. Too many to list really.

We love stories and magic and history and nature.  Our art is inspired in a big way by the wild beauty of Devon where we live, and by our friendships, families, and by other artists, from filmmakers to authors to gardeners. Inspiration and adventure lies everywhere.

Last year, we completed our most ambitious tour to date, with our shadow-puppetry version of The Brothers Grimm's 'The Devil With The Three Golden Hairs'. Gretel was born in May, and so we are learning how to be artists and parents-of-two at the same time.   Charlie  recently created a visual accompaniment to the wonderful astronomy talks of Dartmoor Skies - a kind of hybrid, containing elements of shadow play, animated paintings and toy theatre. It was a new direction and we hope that it won't be the end of collaborations between these two groups.  He is also working regularly with Creation Myth Puppets to help deliver amazing and exciting puppetry workshops and performances. Charlie will be focusing on his writing this year - for some time now it has been somewhat of a half-fulfilled dream - now its time to breathe life into it and see what it does.

We still hold workshops for adults and children, so sign up to  our FB page or mailing list for updates - or even book your own. Enjoy taking a journey through the website and its many galleries. We heartily welcome discussion about our work and are happy to advise and contribute to student research. x "

If you like what you see, here is our links page to just some of the people who inspire us!