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The Clockwork Moth believe in using a wide variety of materials and objects, to create characters, props, sculptures, sets and artworks. One of the things that we do best is to bring our own love of making things into different situations; school events, parties, festivals, performances etc.



Possible Workshop Aims:

• Experimenting with materials freely

• Creating objects and artworks around a theme

• Considering using recycled materials 

• Working together in a group

• Making costumes and props

• Building an exhibition out of ‘nothing’


Examples of materials:

- Willow structures (eg. lanterns, themed sculptures)

- Fabrics (eg. for sculpture, costume)

- Recycled materials, found objects, natural materials

- Constructing materials eg. glue, string, tape, needle and thread, etc

- Modelling/drawing/painting materials

- Anything else you can think of!


We tailor our freelance “3-D and scrap” workshops to the different themes and interests of a particular group. This might have a clear structure or it might be about finding your own style. These are the ultimate workshops for being allowed to use your imagination to make anything from anything, and can be suited to any age range.