The Hillbilly Girls

Green Grow the Rushes O Written by Robert Burns

The group began in 2008, when they gathered to share a picnic for Marisa's birthday in the garden of on an old farm upon a hill. A spontaneous jam took place, and The Hillbillys were born. 


Many of their songs were passed down to Marisa Latimer from Shelia Stewart, from the old scottish traveller tinker tradition. These beautiful folk songs are blended with buckets, drums and scrubbing brushes, played by Emily Swann, and the beautiful guitar and occasional oom-papa of accordion by Lotti Jullien. 

They have gigged in hairdressers, circus tents, cafes, school fetes, and art radio stations. The trio are based in the south-west and have recently recorded their first album , ‘Roots and Stones.’                              

They can be heard at